Meet the Author - Hayley Davenport-Smith

Hayley is originally from Stockport, Cheshire, but relocated to the coast of North Wales in 2010 and now enjoys living a few minutes walk from the Irish Sea. She graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with an honours degree in Accountancy, and later studied for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Manchester. Whilst teaching in Wales, she completed a 'Post Graduate Certificate in Bilingualism in Education'. 

Hayley is a qualified primary school teacher and mother of five children. She has spent many years watching youngsters become absorbed in fiction books. Inspired, she decided to write her own debut children's fantasy novel.

This was a personal book for Hayley, not only because her twelve year old daughter illustrated it and designed the cover, but because of the young minds she hopes to capture: I wrote this book after being inspired by my own children and the children I have taught as a primary school teacher over the last fifteen years, explains Hayley. Being a teacher is rewarding, but often emotionally challenging and you meet children from all walks of life. Every child has their own individual strengths and weaknesses, but I find that all children have one thing in common ... a love of fiction books. I wanted to create a story that would mesmerise children and carry them away into another exciting, fantasy world.

Labyrinth Junction is the first book in a planned series.

Hayley's interests include spending time with her children, wildlife, walking her two collie dogs, learning Welsh and, of course, reading!